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After struggling with adult acne for most of my 20's I finally found the best product in the market. Ziggy Health Rx Acne Cream not only made my cystic acne disappear but eased scaring as well. The staff was very informed and I avoided waiting at the dermatologist for hours! 

*Individual results may vary.

Misbah Patel
March 12, 2021

When I found out I might have a sexual health concern, I was very embarrassed to go to the doctor and be examined by people I don't know. Luckily, Ziggy Health Rx Staff made the experience very comfortable and shipped the medication I needed right to my door! I was very satisfied with the experience. 

*Individual results may vary.

Thomas Davidson
March 7, 2021

No more waiting rooms! I am so relieved that I found Ziggy Health Rx! My doctor took his time getting to know me, my concerns, and my goals. I am never going back to the old ways! I highly recommend Dr. XYZ to anyone thinking of joining this subscription! 

*Individual results may vary.

Samantha Quinn
March 14, 2021

As a single dad, it's been hard to get my kid's doctor's visits aligned. Now, it is very quick and simple to get their concerns fixed. Running from soccer practice to dance class can make life hectic, I'm glad I found Ziggy Health Rx so I know my kids are in good hands, while at my convenience.

*Individual results may vary.

Xavier Sergio
July 28, 2021

Weight Loss has been a huge concern for me my whole life. After millions of in-person visits, I felt judged and unwelcome by nurses. Now, my life has completely changed. I'm on the perfect medication to keep me healthy and assist in any weight loss goals I have. I'm home!

*Individual results may vary.

Jenny Zielinski
January 7th 2021